Who are you?

We consider you to be a great sales-manager.

You are tired from Excel-lists of leads and clients. You are tired from CRM-systems with 1 mln fields about any customer your boss want you to fill in. You work 10+ hours every day and want a simple to use solution, fast and flexible in operation.

You need just to work. Not to enter your client's birthdate in a required field and convert leads to contacts, opportunities and accounts. Stop wasting your time.

What is it?

Hosted CRM-system for effective sales-managers. Register for:

Read more in our manual.

Who are we?

crm.cetera is brought to you by Cetera Labs — a private Russian ISV with 10-years history and international portfolio. Other Cetera Labs projects: Cetera CMS, Cetera eCommerce, BeaverEvil.com, AvtoZapiski.ru, NashaKroha.ru.

Where are your data?

crm.cetera is hosted in Masterhost datacenter (Russia, Moscow) now. Masterhost provides us with gorgeous service for years and we recommend this company as your hosting provider.

We backup all data every 3 hours.

We monitor service availability 24*7*365.

How to contact?

Bug reporting? Fill in “Report error” form (link located at the bottom of every page).

Other issues? Email.